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10/29/11 12:19:44PM
Hey guys - specifically americans, what time does the UFC FB Prelims start for you? And how long is that (in terms of minutes and hours?)

It's normally easy for us Brits to work out but the clocks go back tonight

So just let me know how long till the FB prelims start
10/29/11 12:41:39PM
They start at 5 Central time for me. Main card starts at 8. So 6 and 9 Eastern time in the States.
10/29/11 12:44:43PM
How many hours and minutes? 5 hours?
10/29/11 1:03:00PM
I'd say in about 5 hours from right now.

They usually push the start time back though by 10-20 minutes or so.

So still about 5 hours.
10/29/11 1:12:39PM
Yeah, like 20 said. About 5 hours from now
10/29/11 1:40:38PM
So it starts at 3 pm for me? No wonder I always miss the face book and the regular prelims.
10/29/11 3:58:57PM
2 hours from now if I'm not mistaken (for the facebook prelims that is) and 5 hours until the PPV starts.
10/29/11 4:08:19PM
This day is really dragging. I hope to see a few fights before I take my family to a Halloween festival. I doubt I will be back in time for the main card.
10/29/11 4:48:48PM
Are the FB Prelims on in about an hour?
10/29/11 4:59:34PM

Posted by Rabi

Are the FB Prelims on in about an hour?

Yeah Rabi.Should only have an hour to go.
10/29/11 5:01:21PM
Thanks mate, just seen it on the UFC website, starts at 6:15, which is 11:15 in the UK!
10/29/11 5:10:26PM
facebook prelims 6ish est, spike 8est, ppv 9est
add an hour when they change back to 10pm ppvs
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