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4/26/08 9:15:26PM
mmaplaygrounder and Oregon Top Team member mmamike is fighting for the 185 pound belt in an amature show May 3rd. Good luck Mike.
4/26/08 11:40:31PM
Do it, do it.
5/22/08 4:33:30PM
Good luck... GEt video and have it posted somewhere so we can see it...
5/22/08 7:52:03PM
So how did MMAMIKE end up doing?? does a champ walk among us??
5/23/08 12:09:04AM
Sadly no. The fight was stopped in the first round for no apparent reason. I know it sounds like a bunch of b.s., but it is the truth. After the fight the guy who won actually said he did not know why the ref stopped the fight, Mikey did not tap, nor was he even being punched. I do believe they are fighting again in a rematch in July.
5/23/08 12:34:27AM
I assume it's still for the belt??
5/23/08 12:48:47AM
I hope it turns out better next time. I am glad to see fighter's interacting on the site..
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