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4/23/10 8:59:03AM
Ive searched the internet for the last hour and cant find anything
4/23/10 9:06:44AM
Are you looking to fight in Kentucky?
4/23/10 12:21:19PM
I got friends who scrap (I am just a fat lazy fan) and I believe that their is no licensing for amatuers.....that's why it doesn't go on your permanent fight record if you lose. However the best place I think to go would be here. There you will find an MMA Fighter License Application (pro and amatuer) under the Membership tag on the top. Now this means you'll be a member of ISKA as an amatuer. ISKA puts on a ton of International MMA and Kickboxing events at the low levels.....they can also find you a ton of similar orgs for grappling style matches.Oh, and also Google you state's athletic commision and find a contact number or physical address....they will also be able to help you immensly. Good luck!!
4/23/10 12:22:17PM
yeah, i dont have a gym i train at cuz i cant afford it right now. but i train myself the best i can and study fights all the time, and roll with my buddy who also trains with me. but id like try an amatuer fight to see how id do. win or lose its experience.
4/23/10 12:28:31PM
Here is the Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling has all kinds of contact information. Dude, when in doubt Google it out!
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