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4/15/08 1:52:19AM
Just a question. I know in amatuer boxing you wear protective head gear but is that also true in amatuer mma? I think that would prevent some submissions if so. Also, if there isnt head gear, what is the difference between pro and amateur?
4/15/08 8:33:54AM
I'm not sure if this is the same everywhere else, but in the promotions in Mass that have amature fights they are usually 3 2min rounds you wear thicker padded gloves and shin pads. there are no knees or elbows to the face, but knees are allowed to the body.
4/15/08 11:05:09AM
I saw some amatuer fights at an event a few months ago and they were exactly the same as all the pro fights. Five minute rounds and no extra protective gear. Im not sure about banned elbow or knee strikes though.
4/15/08 1:43:25PM
What you're seeing from the responses already is that there is no standard set of amateur rules. In some cases the rules completely match pro rules in other cases you may have restrictions like no punching to the face while on the ground.

For MMA to progress as a sport I think that needs to change and their should be a more uniform amateur rule set.
4/15/08 2:04:55PM
yea, i like how we do it here, thicker gloves (combat sports amature mma gloves) shin guards, and no knees to the face or elbows to the face. you can't really wear any headgear like in boxing due to it preventing certain submissions. the only compaint i have is the time of the rounds, they should go the full 5min or atleast 3min something closer to an actual round time.
4/15/08 3:38:12PM
A thing to keep in mind if you have an MMA FIght (i'm NOT sure ametur or pro, i think it is just if you do it without headgear) you won't be able to fight in Ametur kickboxing so if you wanted to try kickboxing you would have to go in against pro's and that is not a good idea.
4/15/08 4:16:37PM
The amatuer fights that the orgs around me put on usually just dont allow any striking on the ground. The rounds are shorter, and theres no elbows allowed at all.
4/15/08 10:12:39PM
the fight i did.. had the same rules as UFC only... 3 3 min rounds.. otherwise.. it was the same but with a smaller cage..
4/15/08 10:29:24PM
my friend recently found in MMA and he wore head gear (yet again it was in NY so i guess he had to b/c its Illegal in NY) shh don't tell

he fought 3 -2 mins round no elbows no knees to the head thats about it and rest are the same rules as UFC

4/19/08 1:51:14AM
the difference is that amatuer fighters don't get paid

that is the only difference
4/29/08 1:11:03AM
That also depends on the state you're fighting in. Vermont allows amateurs to be paid, for instance.
4/29/08 5:55:45AM

Posted by hado3

the difference is that amatuer fighters don't get paid

that is the only difference

wow, do you even read replys in any of the threads before you post???? because if you did you would notice that not getting paid isn't the only difference between amature and pro mma fights...
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