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7/6/07 9:06:06AM
It’s been a long time coming for Alvin Robinson as he finally makes his UFC debut on Saturday night against The Ultimate Fighter alumni Kenny Florian. Robinson has built up an impressive resume en route to his UFC debut, coming in with an 8-1 record in MMA including several titles to his credit. Robinson is the current Ring of Fire Lightweight and Featherweight Champion haven defeated UFC veteran Luke Caudillo for the lightweight title and in his last fight defeating Ollie Bradstreet to become the featherweight champion

7/6/07 8:36:26PM
Well Kenflo is no joke.
7/6/07 10:46:06PM
The reason I am picking Kenflo in this fight is because Alvin was TKO'ed by this guy:

That tattoo is so horrid lol. Oh BTW he had a 5-5 record. Alvin hasn't faced anyone near the level of competition that Kenny is. As we know though anything can happen!
7/7/07 3:58:50PM
Neither did Houston Alexander, and he punked Jardine.
I still think Ken Flo is gonna win, I just hope he takes a beating while he does it.
7/7/07 7:16:03PM
Alexander is an animal though.
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