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1/5/09 1:46:18PM
If GSP looses to Penn then does Alves fight BJ for the title or does he take the fight with GSP that he's been in line for?

Or what do you think should happen?
1/5/09 1:47:41PM
bj for the title, he earned the fight against whoever the champ is not gsp.
1/5/09 1:58:08PM
Alves gets his WW Title shot either way. If Penn beats GSP then KenFlo is probably screwed again, he'll have to wait even longer for his LW Title shot.
1/5/09 2:08:05PM
Yep, Dana said and I quote "Thiago is the number one contender, whether its BJ or Georges, Thiago is the number one contender."
1/5/09 2:11:45PM
He fights for the title.
1/5/09 4:18:33PM
No question he fights for the title.
1/5/09 4:24:09PM
Thiago Avles is the number 1 contender for the title, in my opinion.
1/6/09 12:06:57PM
Thiago should be the WW #1 contender in everybody's mind right now. man i can't wait to see him fight again.
1/6/09 4:21:00PM
KenFlo would fight for LW title before Alves would fight for the WW belt.
1/6/09 4:45:06PM
Kenny was promised a title shot back in August after his win over Roger Huerta. He was put on hold and took another fight in November. Thiago was promised a shot at the end of October after beating Koscheck.

Kenny has been waiting longer, and actually took on a top fighter in the meantime, and beat him in the first round. If you put that in perspective, I don't see why Thiago should get first nod, especially after not making weight in the Hughes fight. Kenny has done more to deserve it, and I think it's rightfully his turn for a shot.
1/6/09 7:38:40PM
I think Sherk and Kenny fight for interim belt and BJ comes back and beats either one of them whether he keeps the WW belt or loses it to Thiago.
1/6/09 9:10:16PM
Dana White has said if BJ wins..Alves would get a title shot with BJ..Dana also stated that BJ would keep both LW and WW belts..if BJ does fight Alves..think Alves would take BJ..Alves stand up is f*ckin great..and the way he throws those leg kicks..that would hurt BJ..and i'm pretty sure BJ hasn't been hurt with leg kicks as hard as Alves..i rearly see someone throw leg kicks at BJ..so if Alves is able to throw in a few of those and work his way..he should be able to take BJ..
1/6/09 9:24:28PM
Alves will fight Penn for the Welterweight title after Penn beats GSP.
1/7/09 1:30:53AM
After GSP gets done putting da stamp on Penn, Alves will fight GSP for the WW belt. Kenflo then fights Penn and takes the LW belt from him.
1/7/09 3:41:52AM
Here's how it should play out should GSP lose to BJ Penn later this month.

BJ Penn moves back down to 155 to fight Kenny Florian for the title sometime around May. While this is going on, it would be Thiago's choice as to whether he wants to wait until Penn's taken on Florian and get a fight with Penn in the summer, or take a fight with St. Pierre in the mean time.

I think the UFC will leave it up to him, and he's already expressed that he will wait for the title. I personally think that's the smart move. We all saw what happened to Hughes when he didn't wait for Serra. For all we know, Hughes could have been the WW champion right now.

1/7/09 6:42:41PM
This is why i dont like the idea of champions fighting eachother. Unless its for bragging rights and P4P ranking.
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