Why allowing Hendo to rejoin UFC does not set a precedent, yet decides the future of Strikeforce

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8/2/11 10:21:03PM
Two words.. NO CONTRACT. He served his terms to completion and impressively. At this point all the matchups that make sense for his career take place in a cage with more sides that the hexagon. Strikeforce is already on a downward spiral. It's top talent is either gone or fallen from high.

IF strikeforce was not Zuffa owned i think that white might consider making a play for the newly re-popular HENDO and now the only reason not to allow this is if they intend for Strikeforce to survive for more than the next 18 months. most of their divisions have only a few relevant fighters for the top 10 discussion. lets start rolling the best over to UFC and formally announce Strikeforce as the begining of the UFC minor leagues.

IF zuffa wants to make the best fights and offer them in one place then where else can we see. Henderson v LHW elite (Rashad, Tito, Rampage, even the eternal champ Jones). also Henderson has to consider his legacy.. with Fedor in ruins who else is there to validate his late career surge?? Think Henderson v Shields 2, maybe he can leverage some momentum into a shot at Silva at LHW, Henderson v Griffin would be epic..
8/3/11 12:21:27AM
Shields/Hendo will never happen again and makes no sense because Shields is a Welterweight. Nor should it happen again, becuase I doubt the result will be any different.

If Henderson returns to the UFC, it should be at 185. He is a small Light heavyweight. Most Light neavyweights weigh well over 220 before they make their cut. Hendo foguht heavyweight at 207

Against the lesser-teir LHW's in Strikeforce, he can get away with that. Against The biggest, more marquee guys in the UFC, I don't like his chances.

If he comes back, it should be at 185. THere's not alot of guys at 85 in the UFC that can beat hendo, and the first fight with Anderson was a great fight, and other than Chael, he put up the best figt agaisnt Anderson. Simply put, if he wants a UFC title, his best shot is at 185.

By the way, a Hendo/silva rematch will NEVER happen at 205. If he wants silva again, it will be at 185
8/3/11 8:22:48AM
Henderson has stated previously that he has no desire to return to 185 and that he will be staying at LHW.
8/3/11 8:05:20PM
Well let's take a look at Strikeforce, they cut their heavyweight champ, their previous Welterweight champ bolted for the ufc, same with Jake shields when he was champ. Their lightweight champ wants into the ufc. Their roster is deli meat thin. If Henderson decides to take his talents to the ufc, their star power may take a hit it can recover from