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POLL: Demo Man vs Nog
Overeem 80% (20)
Nog 20% (5)
8/4/10 7:07:15PM
who would win
8/4/10 8:01:23PM
I'm going to catch hell for it- but I've believed Nog is on the downslide since the Mir fight. I don't buy the Staph infection as the whole reason he lost that fight. Nog has gone chinny since he took that huge shot from Herring IMO and it's only a matter of time until everyone else sees it, too Overeem has the perfect tools to capitalize on someone like that.
8/4/10 8:18:34PM
In his prime, it could be a different fight...but I'd be surprised to see Nog last 2 minutes TBH.
8/5/10 2:25:27AM
What they said. I mean i dont buy staph as the entire reason either. But I will say he had no staph against Valasquez, there's no way that should have ended like that.

Imagine him against a much larger heavyweight with FAR superior striking skills.
8/5/10 3:10:40AM
overeem by knee to skull
8/5/10 10:37:14AM
i have confidence that if velasquez can ko nog overeem will do the same.
8/5/10 2:20:30PM
I'm glad that some people are coming around to my line of thinking. I've been saying that Nog was on his way out in terms of being able to take a shot. He's fought too long and against too many strikers for this NOT to have been an inevitability. To the TS, Overeem by vicious KO in the first.
8/27/10 11:12:35PM
Overeem really hasn't fought anybody that good, plus he's juiced to hell. Then again, Big Nog is on a downard spiral of pure ****. wtf ill take nog
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