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POLL: Who will win
Alister Overeem 10% (2)
Cro Cop 90% (19)
6/17/08 9:39:47PM
I cannot wait for this fight to happen. I know Cro Cop has to fight LeBanner, and i hope that fight dosn't get in the way of this one, but Alister Looks great at HW, and IMO i think with Cardio he is easily in the Top 10. Overeem calling him out, is gonna fire up CC so he will definatly come prepared. I'm not sure who i think will take, i'll have to see how Cro Cop loos against LeBanner, but it should be a great fight.
6/17/08 9:55:55PM
Cro Cop by Late 1st RD, brutal highlight KO!!!!

I think Alistair will let his emotions get the best of him and I think he will be be too aggressive, get picked apart early causing him to gas late and leave him vulnerable for that sick late 1st round left head kick KO!!!

I'm not going to count Overreem totally out but it just seems the only people who KO Cro Cop are ground fighters in which he gets a little too cocky on the feet and gets caught(Gonzaga and Randleman)even though the Randleman punch was probably the luckiest punch in MMA history IMHO even as a big Randleman fan. He was setting up a takedown with that big right hoping it distract CC long enough for him too shoot in, I don't think he had any intention of KOIng Cro Cop with that punch.
6/17/08 10:47:39PM
ya cro cop is old but he's not done yet
6/18/08 12:40:08AM
CROCOP anyday
6/18/08 1:02:04AM
Should be a good fight...Also count on this fight happening at Dream 5 instead of Cro Cop vs. Lebanner, I can't see LeBanner having it in him right after a fight with the most dominant combat sports champion. I could see Alistair winning if he turns it into an mma match using take downs and the such. He's been working on his striking very dilligently in Holland from my understanding, and thats great but Cro Cop's been working in Holland as well as working with Marijan(his K-1 trainer) since the day he left the UFC(little while he was there) and Marijan doesn't accept anything from Mirko but his best. It's hard for alot of fans to understand this match up since neither of them are in the public eye like alot of the UFC fighters, they train with very few camera's around so it's hard to know whats going on and how they're doing. I do know that after Alistair called Cro Cop out, Mirko said let's do it. He's fun to watch when he fights mad
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