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4/15/10 7:40:48PM
I want you all to read this so I won't spoil it for you. It's short and GREAT! Here's a sample: "Leave this M-1 circus and start fighting the best. It's okay to lose sometimes but hiding makes you look like a coward, which Fedor is not, Vadim is!"
4/16/10 4:06:47PM
As much as I love Fedor, I cannot say that there doesn't appear to be some truth to the, as of late, opponents they have been selecting for Fedor.
4/17/10 7:33:17PM
It's frustrating to think that Fedor is in his prime and not fighting the best of the best. He needs to fight more often and against solid, well respected opponents.
4/19/10 12:05:52PM

He needs to get to the UFC and fight the best. How can you say he's the best when he's fighting UFC washouts? Maybe he is, but he needs to fight the best to prove it.
4/19/10 8:18:44PM
I agree with most of what AO is saying. Its about time somone tries to knock these M-1 punks out!!!
4/19/10 8:28:46PM
I wouldn't run my mouth about M-1 if I knew they could come get me, lol. Over in Europe you might end up shanked in a dark alley by a russian mob member

Seriously, though - It is funny when you think about the fact that Fedor has tried to or has gotten fights with - Barnett (Roids), Antonio Silva (Roids), and Tim Sylvia (Roids)
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