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9/20/11 1:13:37PM
i had to share this with u guys..was watchin this video and saw Ubereem in the middle of the video..and thought, man this guy does what he does best - GET PAID!..and yeah i do listen to LMFAO..
LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It

edit: it's at the 1:30 mark
9/20/11 1:21:54PM
Uh, I don't want to hear anyone say wiggle ever again...
9/20/11 1:34:51PM
10/24/11 9:29:59PM

HAHA I remember when i first saw it. I was like no freaking way.
How much is he getting paid? Is this to make up money for K1 not paying him?
2/28/12 7:00:24PM
I thought that was him. Good for him!
2/28/12 9:25:25PM
I guess we know where Dennis Hallman got his inspiration.
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