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4/4/12 4:50:05PM
Alistair Overeem (36-11 MMA, 1-0 UFC) us unlikely to fight champion Junior Dos Santos (14-1 MMA, 8-0 UFC) for the UFC heavyweight title this summer at UFC 146.

Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer today told ( the No. 1 heavyweight contender failed a pre-fight drug test conducted this past Tuesday following a press conference for UFC 146.

Overeem's "A" sample was flagged for an elevated T/E ratio that exeeded 10-to-1, well over the 6-to-1 limit. Kizer said the heavyweight has the right to request the test's "B" sample, which, if negative, would make him eligible to receive a fight license.

The former Strikeforce champion was among six top-billed fighters who were tested for the all-heavyweight pay-per-view event, which takes place May 26 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. All were tested for diuretics, masking agents, anabolic steroids and T/E ratios in addition to drugs of abuse.

Dos Santos, Frank Mir, Cain Velasquez, Roy Nelson and Antonio Silva all passed their tests.

4/4/12 4:53:42PM
4/4/12 5:00:59PM
about time.
4/4/12 5:02:31PM
Horse beef make you strong!
4/4/12 5:07:51PM
No WAY!!!!!!!
4/4/12 5:11:54PM
Kizer said the heavyweight has the right to request the test's "B" sample, which, if negative, would make him eligible to receive a fight license.
4/4/12 5:12:20PM
Man Overeem-JDS was going to be the cherry on top of one of the sickest cards ever. Maybe the sharks he was eating were on steroids?
4/4/12 5:13:00PM
can you believe that Roy Nelson was clean????
4/4/12 5:15:55PM
Not surprised one bit, just look at the before and after pics
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4/4/12 5:19:20PM
I think he will be making a statement soon about the medical condition he has called low testosterone.

Just trying to bring the levels back up to normal but didn't get the dose right?
4/4/12 5:20:08PM

Posted by pmoney

Man Overeem-JDS was going to be the cherry on top of one of the sickest cards ever.

Yeah, this is soooooooo shitty. I want to see this fight bad. I want to see Overeem vs. a lot of other guys in the UFC really bad, too. Hopefully, a mild miracle occurs and Overeem squirms his way out of this.
4/4/12 5:25:02PM
i wanted this one bad. damn
4/4/12 5:27:50PM
Bring back Lesnar!
4/4/12 5:27:59PM
Athletes try to cheat...they get caught...we pay. Thanks Alistair....thanks for ruining a good fight for us. He has no integrity.
4/4/12 5:28:50PM
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? whaaaaaaaaaaaat? no way

will this inspire brock to come back? I still enjoy the anticipation of his fights
4/4/12 5:37:04PM
well im shattered
4/4/12 5:42:04PM
This would have made an ever better April Fools Joke.
4/4/12 5:46:26PM
Hopefully, by some miracle that other sample comes back negative.

For anyone saying Brock should come back, it would be kind of hard for him to, since he just signed back with WWE.
4/4/12 5:47:57PM
I want to let out a huge I-told-you-so to all the Overroid fans
4/4/12 5:50:22PM
The crazy part is that Sonnen's was 16.9:1, 6.9 higher then Overeem's
4/4/12 6:01:10PM
this sucks...but does it really matter what the level is at now when at fight time his testosterone levels are normal? He isn't roiding. They gave Marquardt like 6 weeks of time to get his levels to normal so why cant they do the same for Overeem?
4/4/12 6:02:15PM
Testosterone is ruining this sport.

I'm glad that they're working on enforcement.

Overeem failing a drug test shouldn't surprise anyone. There is no way he could have gained as much muscle as he did as fast as he did without a little "help."
4/4/12 6:06:11PM
I'm thinking Cain gets an immediate rematch for his title. Who knows how the deck will be shuffled though.
4/4/12 6:10:35PM
I'm really starting to get sick of this shit. People need to fucking man up and quit taking illegal supplements. I'm sick of all this "hormone replacement therapy" and fighters having illegal supplements. The UFC if they want to be successful in the future needs to crack down on this hard. It ruins cards and puts a fighter out for at least a year. Dana White needs to do something to stop this by creating huge fines and harsher punishments.
4/4/12 6:15:20PM
I am pissed

I am a three time sucker now

Got screwed put of maynard vs Edgar 3 in Vegas
Than diaz vs gsp in Oct
Now this.

Somewhere Dana white is smiling for all those fans who bought tickets last week
4/4/12 6:17:30PM
Frank Mir ready and willing for UFC 146 title shot following Overeem's failed test. From junkie.

Or you know there is Mark Hunt.

Overeem could still get a liscene, though.
4/4/12 6:17:50PM
Even though I love Cain, I'm not sure his last performance warrants a rematch.
AARRGH! This is the worst thing since I caught my dick in my zip this morning.

Whoever said give him some time to get his levels back to normal (i'll find you and give you props after I post) I agree fully. I know he probably cheated, but I REALLY wanna see this fight.
4/4/12 6:23:26PM
I really hope Cain doesn't get put in for the title shot if Overeem is out.

Mir or Hunt are more deserving.
4/4/12 6:23:50PM
Mir would be the perfect test for JDS's weak spot. Actually would make a nice turn of events, having Mir get back in there, he is deserving IMO.

On a side note, I switched over here from mmaJunkie, too many angry boys and the mods act like they are 12yrs old. Got banned and they couldn't tell me why.
Started a new account and they banned that one for going round the first.
4/4/12 6:29:23PM

Posted by Dana White

"I am beyond pissed about this," UFC president Dana White said during a Wednesday conference call with Canadian media, according to a report from The Star Phoenix.

"How (expletive) stupid do you have to be? Seriously dumb. Anybody who's using (performance-enhancing drugs) right now is an absolute (expletive) moron," White added.


Tell 'em Uncle Dana!!
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