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1/1/11 5:11:12PM
IMO is by far the most dangerous fighter in the game today. A Cain vs Alistair matchup is something i must see as a fan. Alistair is leaps and bound the best HW striker in MMA. The only question would possibly be his wrestling. However, with his pure brute strength i believe his takedown defense is also some of the best. If you cant get him on the ground, you stand no chance to beat him. His striking has improved drmatically in the last few years as you saw when he won the 2010 K1 grand prix. His last loss in MMA was to Sergei K 3 years ago where he got overconfident and then proceeded to gas. IMO Alistair is the best fighter in the world in the heavyweight division and will continue to prove that for years to come.
1/1/11 5:14:54PM
Maybe if he ever fights Fedor and Werdum instead of dodging them you might have a case.
1/1/11 5:19:54PM
WHAT??? I believe its the other way around. I dont think Alistair is a very good matchup for Fedor.
1/1/11 5:19:58PM
It's just I see the same problem with Overeem that is with Fedor. Quality of opponents, they are not fighting the top guys out there to prove they are the very best.
1/1/11 5:24:16PM
thats why we need to see him vs Fedor or Werdum....both i see as one sided matchups with the Reem winning both...but with both having the chance of pulling off crazy subs after getting pounded.
1/1/11 7:13:00PM
I think Overeem vs JDS would be good fight I would like to see that some day. I really think Overeem and Fedors chances of KOing each other are a even match. and Fedor is a better ground fighter. I guess what Im saying is I still think Fedor would beat him Overeem. I kind of hope the UFC just signs him(reem)
1/1/11 7:46:04PM
The way he was toying with Duffee really put into context just how difficult its going to be trying to best him on the feet. Those Knee's are brutal.
1/1/11 11:46:41PM

Posted by DCRage

Maybe if he ever fights Fedor and Werdum instead of dodging them you might have a case.

I thought you were joking the first few times...I'm beginning to think you're serious about this.
1/2/11 1:08:38AM
i dont see how someone can say overeem is dodging fedor or werdum. if anything fedor has been dodging him. i blame overeems lack of quality opponents on strikeforce alone. they keep trying to put fedor and bigfoot together and fedor/werdum rematch when they should be giving these guys title shots. its to the point were overeem is relying on K-1 and Dream to stay busy. ive heard that guy say he would vacate his title to fight in the ufc and yet everyone still fights over fedor, who IMO is not as relevant in the HW div due to all the politics and lack of quality opponents. so you got fedor and overeem with the same problem and yet every time there's talks about them fighting it gets called off for some stupid reason. its stupid.
1/2/11 1:15:19AM
should prolly just throw him in there against a bear
1/2/11 2:24:40AM
The Reem needs to be in the UFC now... and enough fighting these shitty guys like Duffee
1/3/11 6:51:07PM

Posted by chipeeman99

The Reem needs to be in the UFC now... and enough fighting these shitty guys like Duffee

If I remember correctly, Overeem has stated that he enjoys bouncing back from MMA/K-1. If he joined the UFC, he would have to have an exclusive contract, something that Overeem sounds like he would not be in favor of.

Not to mention he likes to keep active, having fight 1-2 times a year in the UFC is something he wouldnt be in favor of.
1/3/11 7:00:50PM
Overeem has not been ducking Fedor in the slightest. it is Fedor's management that is preventing this fight form happening. Overeem stated in an interview that Fedor, Coker and himself all want the fight, but that Fedor's management was the one component that is stopping the fight from happening.

also, i would love to see Overeem in the UFC, and he has stated that he wishes to do so in the future. however, he loves to fight in Japan, where he is most likely making more money than he could in the UFC, and likes to actively compete in K-1. i don't see him coming to the UFC anytime soon, but again i would absolutely love it if he did.
1/3/11 11:18:35PM
Yes you can clearly tell Overreem has wanted Fedor for a while. He was upset when Werdum beat him because he said he wanted to be the first to beat him. I think Overeem will come to the UFC after he gets his Fedor fight...whenever that will be. Unless they both came...which would be great for everyone involved.
1/4/11 1:49:17AM
Overeem will likely never fight in the UFC. He is getting paid big bucks by FEG and Japanese sponsers, likely more than Zuffa will ever be able to offer him. Unless FEG folds, he is going to stay where he can fight both MMA and K-1.
1/4/11 9:28:06AM
And UFC won't let him do K-1 either. So unless he gives it up, change "likely never" to "never".
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