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1/6/14 1:59:33PM
WSOF matchmaker Ali Abdel-Aziz appeared on the MMA hour today and it was with a surprising proposition in mind.

1/6/14 2:01:44PM
Those are actually some really fun match-ups. Doubt it will ever happen, though.
1/6/14 2:15:27PM
The link doesn't work.

I'd be surprised if it ever happened, but I'd love to see it.
1/6/14 2:17:17PM
I love the concept, bellator champs would smash wsof champs though.

Lima (yes i know hes still fighting Hawn for the vacent belt) already beat Carl, Gathje is an animal but cant beat either Chandler or Alvarez. Georgi would get smashed by Straus, Curran, or Pitbull.

Wsof only hopes are Rumble over Newton or Veigh & Moraes over Dantas. (I dont think wsof have a heavyweight that could beat either Minaklov). I also think Schlmenko vs either Jesse Taylor or Branch could go wsof way but id still pick Alexander.
1/6/14 2:37:28PM

Posted by Webbie

The link doesn't work.

1/6/14 4:50:41PM
I love this idea but can't see it happening
1/6/14 5:50:49PM
That would be a sweet card. I honestly would probably pay for it too. If Bjorn accepts I will be happily surprised
1/6/14 5:58:31PM
Would be fun and I would pay. If only we could be so lucky as to have two legit promotions doing a card like this again. Ahh one can hope, even if the powers that be have been working to crush any such desire in fans. I think with that proposed lineup, there is a chance of it being a 5-5 tie, but I'd be more inclined to think BFC would win 6 and lose 4.

On second thought, WSOF would lose almost every fight. This is a BS posturing move by WSOF because BFC in no way needs to have any thing to do with them. They are a lot better overall.

It's very much like when Bellator did this same thing to strikeforce, they were new emerging and looking to get their name out, so call for a mixed card with the promotion you are looking up at.