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4/26/10 10:37:50AM
Russian star Alexander Shlemenko is the final member of Bellator Fighting Championships' middleweight tournament field, organization officials today announced. He'll meet Matt Major at this week's Bellator 16. Bellator officials have been working on contract and visa issues for more than a month to land Shlemenko – and held off on naming a replacement because they wanted him in the tourney so badly.

4/26/10 1:17:30PM
MATT MAJOR! I hope he loses I thought he was a real jerk on the tapout show.
4/26/10 4:04:39PM
I don't remember him. Was he the guy with Team Trauma who fought with a staph infection in his leg? I thought that was pretty classless.
4/26/10 6:11:56PM
No, he was the 1/2 black guy that painted polka dots on his shorts, and freaked out another fighter who tried to give him some advice after his fight.
4/26/10 6:21:33PM
I have a certain disability. When i see or hear the name Matt Major i yell Douche bag. I can help it. I'm currently taking placebo's.
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