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3/21/08 8:29:32AM
John Alessio rarely steps away from fighting for more than three months at a time. There’s a reason for that.

“I feel like a caged pit bull right now, just wanting to get let loose,” he commented recently on MMAWeekly Radio.
3/21/08 2:01:48PM
I just don't see Alessio beating Larson. Larson is bigger and stronger, and will probably take Alessio down and GnP him. Larson will win this fight.
3/22/08 1:35:11PM
should be a great fight. i hope alessio doesn't hold anything back . if he goes balls out i think he can win this fight.
3/22/08 2:31:51PM
Nothing more annoying than fighters who say they're going to fight before every fight and then they don't do jack shit. Randleman does this too.
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