3/20/12 11:09:52PM
The next Canadian lightweight we see in the UFC could be a fighter who has been there before.

John Alessio of Duncan, B.C., is coming off a unanimous decision victory over Ryan Healy at a local MMA event in Hamilton, Ont., on Friday and he hopes it was enough to earn him another shot in the UFC.

The 32-year-old, who made his UFC debut against Pat Miletich in 2000 and last fought in the UFC in October of 2006, says he's a different person both inside and outside the cage today, and believes the biggest difference between now and his first stints in UFC is the dedication he shows in between his fights.

"Before I used to kind of be a party animal between fights and didn't live a very healthy lifestyle, wasn't very focused. I was kind of like, 'oh I've got a fight, I better get in the gym and get in shape,' not really worrying about getting better in between fights," Alessio told

"Now, I've been reborn. I consider myself a real student of the game. I love to train, I love learning new stuff and I didn't do that before and I really felt like I missed a few years there of the learning curve. I just kind of plateaued and didn't get any better, but now I'm getting better every time between fights."

3/21/12 12:19:39AM
so is he going back to the ufc? whats the point of this article? he better hope it happens soon.
3/21/12 1:29:35AM
He's on a pretty great run right now. His last fight wasn't all that impressive on his part but Healy is a gamer. Going 10-1 since a loss in Dream in 2009 is pretty damn impressive though. I'd personally like to see him back in the ufc.
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