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2/25/13 8:32:28PM
Via Dana's Twitter:

"Aldo vs Pettis is ON!!!!!"
2/25/13 9:22:58PM
Well that's encouraging, but i'm reluctant to bet on the reliability of a tweet.
2/27/13 1:24:01AM
The fight is definitely on now.

Aldo is pissed, and said the fight will be very violent, and that heads will roll.

That might be just talk, but Aldo still has a hell of a lot of the streets in him. I have never heard of him ever getting angry before. I am expecting a soccer kick finish followed by a head stomp on Dana while his "soccer club" rushes the cage if this fight is in Brazil.

2/28/13 2:29:57PM
Why is aldo's panties in a bunch?
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