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8/4/13 2:31:43AM
There was a reason why Jose Aldo Jr.'s win over Chan Sung Jung lacked his trademark low kicks: Aldo suffered a foot injury early in the fight.

8/4/13 2:34:02AM
Found a pic of his foot. Definitely swollen.

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8/4/13 2:50:10AM
Pretty minor compared to Jung's shoulder. It's especially gruesome since he was just recovering from surgery on that shoulder, he'll probably be out for a pretty good while. Here's hoping for the best for KZ!
8/4/13 3:14:25AM
It's possible that some of KZ's timidness was because he was counting on countering Aldo's kicks, but Aldo wasn't throwing them. I also wonder what the championship rounds had in store if not for KZ's injury.

I've never been more disappointed in injuries than the two injuries in this fight... It leaves too many questions

I am still a strong supporter of Chan Sung Jung, and Aldo is still one of my favorite fighters.
8/4/13 2:22:08PM
I knew Aldo did something when he landed that leg kick with his foot on TKZs knee because he never used a leg kick again. TKZ knew to I think, thats why he was just standing infront of Jose and not worried.
8/4/13 3:14:33PM

I thought that Aldo fought about 50% of his usual self and still won every round and finished the fight, although KZ was injured.

I see no reason for a rematch, a 100% Aldo would be a lot worse than what it looked like last night.
8/4/13 6:09:04PM
That might explain why KZ threw and landed more significant strikes and total strikes in the third round with a higher accuracy than Aldo, and why KZ's sub attempts forced Aldo to hold on until the end of the round when he was on top and again when he had KZ against the cage.

It still makes me wonder what KZ had in store as counters to Aldo's kicks. That is, unless the foot-breaking check wasn't a practiced move and completely deliberate.

KZ is all class, admitting at the press conference that although a rematch would be nice, there are others in line for a shot and that he should have other fights first to earn another shot.

Aldo's foot does look gruesome... Mutant-like
8/4/13 6:26:40PM
lol... I'm so tired of hearing "well this guy had more significant strikes" and blah blah blah.

How accurate are these statistics? Do any of us really know? What qualifies a strike as a significant strike as opposed to just a regular strike, and how does a person know how to decipher between the two when watching a fight live? It's completely impossible to see/know all of that stuff.

So many people look at compustrike stats or whatever the fuck they're calling them nowadays and just full on believe it, like there can't possibly be an error with those numbers when obviously there very well could be.