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POLL: Hows it go down?
Aldo by Ko 41% (9)
Aldo by Submission 0% (0)
Aldo by Decision 23% (5)
Edgar by Ko 9% (2)
Edgar by submission 0% (0)
Edgar by Decision 27% (6)
2/1/13 7:20:56PM
I'll take Aldo if anybody wants Edgar for AV bet

2/1/13 7:33:27PM
all even when i voted. i think edgar upsets aldo. just a hunch
2/1/13 7:34:20PM
Edgar looked good at the weigh-ins
2/1/13 7:36:28PM
looked like Dana & Joe Silva were laughing at Frank for coming in at 144.

both looked great. what a sick card!
2/2/13 8:10:00AM
Frankie has been through some wars man, its going to be like Hominick vs Aldo 5th round, only from the second round on, Frankie will trade, eat some leather, go to his corner and come out wrestling.
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