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POLL: Who Goes To The World Series?
Boston in 4 0% (0)
Boston in 5 17% (3)
Boston in 6-7 33% (6)
Tampa in 4 6% (1)
Tampa in 5 17% (3)
Tampa in 6-7 28% (5)
10/7/08 9:16:02AM
Pretty straightforward-which AL East team goes to the World Series? The division champs (Tampa Bay) or the Wild Card (Boston)? Tampa won the season series 10-8 but Boston led in virtually every offensive and pitching stat except Ks. X factor: no Mike Lowell for Boston. Deactivated (injured).

Verdict: Tampa Bay shocks the world and dashes Fox's hopes for good World Series ratings and edges out Boston in 7.

Predict away.

PS-Sorry about having to lump poll choices together. Had to fit 8 choices into 6.
10/7/08 10:12:47AM
well ive picked the cubs & angels to advance w/ philly & tampa so im only 50/50, but im gonna have to say redsox in 6-7

they seem to be back to playing championship baseball, the way things have panned out, mlb has to be pulling for a redsox/dodgers series to get manny against his old team
10/7/08 10:57:38AM
I reeeeeeaaaaally hope Tampa Bay wins. So, that means Boston will win. And that sucks because I can't friggin' stand 'em.

I'd like to see a Dodgers/Rays World Series w/the Dodgers winning it. Only because I'd like to see Greg Maddux get another ring before retiring.

Philadelphia -vs- Boston in the World Series as much as it pains me to say it.
10/7/08 11:00:19AM
Being from Pittsburgh I am pulling for Tampa due to the salary per team. I like Tampa's chances because Becket isn't looking great and Drew and Lowel being dinged up.
10/7/08 4:18:05PM
I voted for boston in 6-7.

Because I want to see the Red Sox in the World Series vs the Dodgers and Manny that would be so badass.
10/7/08 6:27:19PM
God I hate Boston with a passion and hope Tampa Bay sweeps or at least beats them. The home record of both teams during the season series is interesting ..TB wont he series 10-8 and was 8-1 at home in those games. Boston was 7-2 at home as well. We shall see which team can win on the road. Lester is pitching amazingly and Dice K should be there as well, but how much is Beckett's injury going to affect him and the Red Sox during a 7 game series, you can cover it up in a short series but they are going to need him now more than ever.
10/7/08 6:56:47PM
I smell some hate going on in this thread. Don't be hatin, lol

But I picked Boston in 6, because our starting pitching is looking very good, and even though Beckett is hurt, you can never undersetimtae him in the playoffs. I've ruled out the whole Tampa will crumble because their young theory, because they haven't really faded, but nontheless, I like Lester, the Dice Man, and JB in a 6 game series, and not to forget we;ve been having some pretty clutch hitting lately,

And I know how bad you guys want to see us win so you get to watch a drunken Papelbon do an irish step dance across the field.

GO SOX!!!!!!
10/7/08 9:19:16PM
I like Boston in 6. Hoping Tampa can take the series but I would confidently put money on the Sox.
10/7/08 11:53:41PM
I hope tampa advances too,but I also want the phillies to win too.I really don't want to see the mosox make it.I still can't believe the cubs lost to the dodgers the way they did.I really thought this might be their year.
10/8/08 12:35:27AM
im telling you guys its manny and the dodgers vs red sox and manny gets his revenge and wins the world series with a walk off homer at fenway park over the green monster!

then manny does the banana dance.....
10/12/08 1:31:46AM
Game 2

both teams tied at 8 in the bottom of the 11th!!!!!!

what a ******* game!!!!

rays got 2 men on w/ no outs......hopefully this game will end so i can go to sleep


rays have to walk a man to laod bases w/ one out & go for the double play.....

Rays get sac fly to win 9-8 in bottom of 11th.

10/12/08 3:06:07AM
Very good for the rays, they could not lose two at home. I hope the rays win, well I hope anyone but the Phillies win lol.
10/12/08 2:56:16PM

Posted by cmill21

Very good for the rays, they could not lose two at home. I hope the rays win, well I hope anyone but the Phillies win lol.

ive NEVER been a fan of phillies or dodgers

so whoever wins this series is who i wanan win

phils looks good right now, if they win tonight they r alsmost guaranteed some rest to get their rotation rested & in order for the WS........gotta like their chances considering this rays/sox series will prolly go 6 if not 7
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