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9/14/12 10:45:26AM

Posted by Poor_Franklin

Posted by sparky

Looks like I'm the only one who thinks Okami is going to beat Belcher again Yushin UD

send me that av bet request when the event comes up


Remind me when were getting close to it brother
9/14/12 1:36:50PM

Posted by Adrenaline

Posted by bjj1605

Good fight to sort out the MW division.

If Belcher wins this he will be one step closer to the title. Probably only one big win away IMO.

Maybe if Weidman beats Boetsch and Belcher beats Okami, we can see Weidman vs Belcher for the true #1 contender slot.

This sounds about right but if Weidman beats Boetsch in impressive fashion they should just quit fucking around and give the kid his title shot already. However if it is a snoozer and he just squeaks by then the Belcher fight would make more sense.

That's basically how I feel how about it. Wediman does deserve the shot if he wins impressively. But if its lackluster, I think he should have one more.

If not, then you could put Bisping vs Belcher (my winners) as a number 1 contender fight on the same card as Anderson vs Weidman.
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