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7/31/13 3:02:53PM
Some 185er's in the UFC like Wanderlei Silva have decided that they don't want to cut that much weight and will fight at 205 instead. The latest middleweight to make that decision is Alan Belcher.

7/31/13 3:08:42PM
I find this to be saddening news
7/31/13 3:10:55PM
I don't see how that would help, if Bisping out boxed him and Yushin defeated all his wrestling attempts what makes him think he should wrestle a guy like Bader or box with Lil Nog...not to mention the top tier guys like Glover, Rashad, Gustaffson etc...
7/31/13 3:11:36PM
i'm a fan of Belcher, but i think this move has ended his UFC career..there's really no one at LHW for him..the top 10ish LHW is prolly too much for him..
7/31/13 3:29:10PM
Does this mean as he goes UP in weight, that his cool tattoo will get bigger?
7/31/13 3:34:36PM
Belcher at 205 wont last long.

This is awesome news I may actually get to see someone knock Belcher out cold
7/31/13 4:17:51PM
Hendo needs a nice, easy fight to get back in the win column. This fight would probably send Belcher into retirement though.
7/31/13 5:45:37PM
my guess is james tehuna or someone 205 is a bad move
7/31/13 7:23:19PM
Not sure if it will be the best choice for him - that being said... Belcher is a massive MW and i've always wanted to find out if the weight cut is hindering his ability/athleticism. Im not too against it, to be honest.
7/31/13 7:37:05PM
Belcher's huge. As he gets older, that cut is gonna get tougher and tougher. I think he gets ragdolled in the clinch by a Phil Davis, and possibly mounted and abused by a Vinny Magalhaes, but I think he could put on some entertaining standup fights at 205. James Te Huna, Fabio Maldonado, Rogerio Nogueira, Igor Pokrajac - all have FOTN potential.

The important thing is that Belcher puts on quality size, and that he continues to develop his core strength. Otherwise, he's gonna be disadvantaged fighting guys who've been punching and throwing around opponents 20+ lbs heavier for years.

I don't see Belcher rising more at 185 than he already has. As long as he can get reasonable matchups at 205 *and* avoid too many facial rearrangements, I think he can keep making good money the rest of his career. That's about the best he can reasonably expect, given his ability, and there's no shame in that.
7/31/13 7:42:36PM
Dana, can we still do a Belcher/Franklin fight?
7/31/13 10:32:56PM

Posted by Poor_Franklin

Dana, can we still do a Belcher/Franklin fight?

7/31/13 11:25:58PM
I don't think Belcher will find much success there, I mean there are some good match ups for him, but ultimately he will lose to anybody that can control him and put him on his back and keep him there.
8/1/13 12:44:55PM
Right now I think Alan's ceiling stays the same at either weight, my confidence in him has been getting shakier.
8/1/13 3:20:08PM
Lol. Can't win at 185? Move up!

And people have been saying its the weakest division.
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