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POLL: Who takes this
Alabama by a landslide 32% (8)
Alabama by a margin 44% (11)
Notre Dame by a margin 16% (4)
Notre Dame by a landslide 4% (1)
Nobody, they both quit 0% (0)
I hate Nick Satan and Benedict Kelly 4% (1)
1/7/13 9:45:25AM
Don't forget to tune in, despite the game being played 50 years after the season ended.
1/7/13 9:50:59AM
Alabama takes it I'm thinking
1/7/13 10:23:29AM
My epic knowledge of NCAA football says Alabama will win, but I'll be rooting for the Hunchbacks of Notre Dame

1/7/13 10:36:13AM
I think Alabama will win by a Margin. Double digits but not more than 20.
1/7/13 11:26:57AM
Bama will just find a way to win and it will piss me off.
1/7/13 12:42:25PM
I don't like either team, but my guess is that Bama finds a way to win in a fairly close game without a ton of scoring. If I decide to watch I'll probably cheer for the gold domers though, it just seems like a national champ should be undefeated.
1/7/13 1:27:21PM
Should be a close game. I have been impressed by how ND seems to find ways to win the close game. I'm pretty excited to watch but I don't really like either. I'll say Roll tide just because my lady friend is pulling for ND.
1/7/13 1:53:43PM
not sure what your def of landslide is, but i picked Bama by a landslide bc im assuming they cover the 9.5 pts.

i think it will be a close game until the 4th qtr, then bama will get a big momentum play & separate themselves from ND
1/7/13 1:59:15PM
Although I hate Saban with a passion, I gotta go with Alabama by margin. I think they will rattle Golston amd force some turnovers
1/7/13 3:07:48PM
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1/7/13 3:35:18PM
Maybe I'm crazy, but I think Notre Dame is going to be totally exposed here. I'm thinking Bama by at least 14. Although I really don't care because I despise both teams.
1/7/13 6:10:48PM
Bama = the last hope for SEC
1/7/13 7:19:32PM
I'm a Gator fan (now alum ), so I guess I gotta spread the love. It really hurts to say... but Roll Tide
1/7/13 7:33:39PM
Let me break it down in simple terms kids.......

Chael (Alabama) will CRUSH JJ (Notre Dame) in the most lopsided beatdown of the CENTURY.

One on one, two on one, five on one, I'll make sure they all need 911......yes Nick Saban, I give you permission to use that phrase.
1/7/13 7:47:30PM
My prediction: Bama over Notre Dame 31-10. As someone mentioned earlier, I think the game may be close early. However, late in the game Saban & Co. will show off their depth and pull away for their 3rd BCS Championship in 4 years.

Also, don't ask me to say their slogan b/c I won't. I'd rather slam my testicles between the toilet and the seat before I say it.