akiyama's walk out

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2/22/12 11:49:16PM
i hope akiyama wins just so i can keep hearing his walk out music.

2/23/12 2:34:14AM
very strange, calming i suppose
2/23/12 2:35:51AM
con te partiro.

I don't like this sarah brightman version, personally. It's all about Andrea Bocelli's version for me, one of my favourite songs.

Andrea Bocelli - Con Te Partiro

Unfortunate part about it being walk in music is that the best part of the song is the last note IMO, and it gets cut off.
2/23/12 9:49:50AM
Very cool walk out when he and his corner men get on their knees and bow.
2/23/12 5:33:31PM
Everything about his walk out is just plain sexy
2/23/12 6:08:44PM
He has the best entrance in the UFC, by far...
2/23/12 6:19:23PM
i always think it's interesting to see what song someone walks out to.
2/24/12 11:07:40AM
He need's to come out to the Brennan Huff and Dale Doback version.

Best Version
2/24/12 1:32:25PM
Akiyama's entrance is a legit cure for insomnia.
2/26/12 4:32:17PM
The entire night was filled with awesome entrance music.
Shields: Rage Against The Machine
Bader: Star Wars
Rampage: Pride Theme
and of course Akiyama's
2/26/12 6:57:16PM
I was at the O2 in London when Bisping fought Akiyama in the main event and despite the usual onslaught of the British fans screaming down the house to all the British fighters on the card, When Sexyama walked out the that song, the O2 went dead silent. It was like being in shawshank Prison when Andy Dufresne played "Eine feste Burg ist unser Gott" over the loud speakers from Warden Norton's office around the courtyard and all Shawshank's inmates stopped dead in their tracks and listened for a minute. Sexyama although he lost to Bisping had a rowdy British crowd brought to their knee's in silence when he walked out. Very moving. Embraces that Japanese/Korean descent culture of respect and dignity.
2/26/12 7:06:13PM
I think my favorite walk out song choice had to be when Dustin Hazlett fought Paul Dailey and Dustin came out to the Emmylou Harris version of Wayfaring Stranger.


I still don't get why he picked this song. It's a nice song, but completely out of place.

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