Akiyama Released From FEG Contract

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12/12/08 1:16:39PM
The DREAM could be starting to come to an end...it has for Yoshihiro Akiyama. The promotion's biggest draw, Akiyama had his contract terminated today, not long after reportedly declining TEN invites to participate at K-1 Dynamite on 12/31.

12/12/08 1:28:01PM
12/12/08 1:32:12PM
Maybe the rumor is true about Akiyama comming to the UFC.
12/12/08 1:36:47PM
I personally would like to know more of the back story behind the Dynamite situation. I can understand rejecting one potential fight, but TEN?!? Sounds like it could be a money thing but I also hope he knows the harm he could be causing not only to his future but to the Japanese MMA scene as well.
12/12/08 1:54:30PM
perfect bring him over to the ufc.
12/12/08 2:17:21PM
grease him up and slide him through the doors of UFC HQ
12/12/08 3:27:22PM
DREAM is getting a rep for not paying its fighters, maybe Akiyama just got sick.......?
12/12/08 3:49:11PM
WVR is licking their chops.
12/12/08 5:20:20PM
just getting him to the US in any promotion would be good.. the UFC would be great.. I bet Affliction is looking as well.
12/12/08 7:00:29PM
I know the UFC is on him. A big draw in Japan, a talented exciting fighter. Don't think the UFC hasn't already contacted their management team. Whether we see him in teh UFC, I am not so sure about.
12/12/08 8:02:38PM
Id love to see Sexyama face up with alot of MW's in the UFC.

Maia, Leites, Leben, Bisping, Hendo, Palhares... Great Match-ups
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