Akiyama and Okami arrive at Xtreme Couture

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10/30/09 10:06:01PM
Yoshihiro Akiyama and Yushin Okami have arrived at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas for a month of training, and so far they are enjoying themselves immensely. The Japanese duo say the difference in training methods and partners is very refreshing.

“I like how the practices aren’t long but short, hard workouts… The fighters are welcoming and friendly and as for the trainers, they are all awesome,” Akiyama told the Xtreme Couture website. “I have a hard time communicating due to my language barrier but I feel it’s beneficial for my fight career because I am able to look at their body language, learn the language and train hard.”

10/31/09 5:00:12AM
Great move for both guys. I would love to see these two guys relocate and train there permanently.
10/31/09 2:45:24PM
Good for them! I'm happy to hear this.
10/31/09 3:10:10PM
Great for both of them. Hopefully Okami can find a coach who'll give him good strategy for fights. He just looked lost against Sonnen, throwing one-twos without many takedown attempts. He certainly has the physical talent to do well; he just needs to be told what to do to win.
10/31/09 9:20:03PM
two solid additions to the camp i'd say
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