Akiyama Looks For Bout With Wanderlei Silva Down The Line

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3/2/09 7:53:55AM
Cage Force held 'Cage Force EX-eastern bound' at Tokorozawa Shimin Taiikukan, Saitama on February 28. Yoshihiro Akiyama appeared in the event as a second of his teammate Yasunori Kanehara and talked a little bit about himself. "The UFC is such a big event. I have many things to do before debuting and will learn a lot from Yushin Okami," said Akiyama. He picked Wanderlei Silva when he was asked who he wanted to fight with. He also added that he would be very happy if his friend, Satoshi Ishii, sign with the UFC.

He currently trains with Okami and Caol Uno at Wajutsu Keishukai in Tokyo. Caol Uno has being rumored that he will come back to the UFC in June. Okami also showed up in the event and said, "Akiyama is physically very strong. He is good at keeping his distance, and I suppose he is suited for fighting in the octagon."

3/2/09 1:49:08PM
im sure silva would be down for this fight or any fight.
3/2/09 4:20:47PM
Wanderlei's bjj is good enough to not get submitted, and if he enters a clinch to enforce his judo skills he puts himself at risk with the plum.

Bad Match-up for Akiyama.IMO
3/2/09 5:26:59PM
I think that Wand could take him, its a good match up for him.
3/3/09 11:24:12AM
I'd take Wanderlei as well.
3/16/09 11:58:44PM
This is just a random point that actually doesn't count for anything at all, it is just an interesting statistic, but I'll point it out anyway: Wanderlei, interestingly enough, has never lost to a japanese fighter in his entire career. Like I said, it doesn't count for anything because that's just how things have went down when he has fought japanese fighters, but still, it is an interesting fact.

Still, I would pick Wanderlei. It would be a great match up for the ax murderer. I would predict 2nd round tko in Wanderlei's favor.
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