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9/19/09 12:30:58PM
so there's this asian supermarket i shop at every once in a while. whenever i need sushi stuff, sake, or any sort of asian food i go there. well anyways, i walked by a set up for a washing and drying machine and saw this gem.

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9/19/09 12:34:56PM
That's awesome
9/19/09 3:07:52PM
Nice pic, but I do believe his name is Sexyama.
9/19/09 3:43:17PM
haha thats good but when he fighting next.
9/19/09 10:06:56PM

Posted by 1daveufc

haha thats good but when he fighting next.

gotta get his eye cleared first i think.

Also Akiyama is an endorsement machine, hes on everything lol car ads, protein bars, video game covers, banana milk, Hite beer, the list goes on.
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