Akihiro Gono: "I Will Send English Fans Home In Tears"

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8/27/08 1:35:23PM
Although he was apologetic about it and thinks the English are cool people, Akihiro Gono recently told Dan Hardy's fans that that he "will be sending them home in tears after I beat him" at UFC 89.

8/27/08 1:37:43PM
Im taking Gono for the win
8/27/08 1:41:50PM
i think gonos right
8/27/08 1:53:03PM
It's hard not to like this guy.

I agree he's taking this fight. Hardy is a tough opponent but Gono's ground game is too slick for him. I think his style is very similar to David Baron and he's already beaten Hardy twice.
8/27/08 8:11:10PM
i wish this fight was on the main card
8/28/08 8:49:36AM
As an Englishman.....I will say mma isnt a sport to be patriotic about.

I like to watch good fighters.....whatever the nationality.

If Bisping fought Anderosn Silva or Henderson....I wouldnt want him to win to be honest.

Anyone else feel this way.
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