Ahead of UFC 146, Valentijn Overeem unaware of any testosterone need for brother Alistair

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4/17/12 3:36:57PM
Valentijn Overeem doesn't know why his brother, Alistair Overeem (36-11 MMA, 1-0 UFC), tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone prior a fight against champ Junior Dos Santos.

But he said it would be news to him if Alistair needed the hormone for medical reasons, as recent speculation would indicate.

"Because I know him so well that I think I should be aware of something like that," Valentijn Overeem today told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com). "If that was the case, I think I would know. I would be surprised."

Valentijn Overeem, a longtime MMA fighter and former Strikeforce fighter, is in Holland with an expectant girlfriend and said he hasn't trained with his younger brother since he left for the U.S. in March but said he never received any indication that Alistair was suffering from a condition that would necessitate the use of testosterone. He is unsure why the pre-fight drug test came back high for a high T/E ratio.

"There are different reasons why someone could have high testosterone," Valentijn Overeem said. "Taking steroids is one of them. Some people have natural testosterone at a high level anyway. I'm not saying my brother is one of those people, but there's more possibilities. If the [athletic commission] tests the sample again, just to make sure there were no mistakes, I think that would be a good start."

4/17/12 4:23:13PM
His own brother saying there is no reason that he knows of to have high T/E is pretty damning stuff. These guys I'm sure talk and if it was something serious you best believe he would have known. And the fact that Alistair hasn't tested above the limit before leads me to believe his natural levels fall within the limits, like the rest of us.
4/17/12 9:02:43PM
im gonna be seriously pissed if he doesnt fight JDS. i know there has been no word yet about it but at this point, i just dont care about this whole thing, and just want to see the fight. ive grown very tired of all these testosterone issues. im not saying its ok to cheat, im just saying i have lost interest and just want to see the fights.
4/18/12 2:52:23AM
alright, his brother say's he's clean...I can relax. Time for a big greasy heavyweight title fight

guy's guilty. he shouldn't have gotten a licence to fight lesnar but he did. now he fails a random drug test with 14:1 testosterone and he may still get to fight. if he gets cleared JDS will put a whooping on him anyway, but come on time to crack down.

I was looking forward to this fight too. If JDS KO's Overeem sometime in the future (cause hes not getting the shot and if he is Dana's full of shit) he will be my new favourite heavyweight
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