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9/29/08 8:42:32PM
TOKYO -- Siyar Bahadurzada at a post-fight press conference on Sunday responded to criticism regarding his celebration after his victory over Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos in the Sengoku middleweight grand prix quarter-finals.

Bahadurzada’s Sengoku V bout with Santos was stopped after just 22 seconds when the Brazilian striker suffered a dislocated elbow in the opening moments of their match at Yoyogi National First Stadium. He mounted the ring ropes in celebration immediately after the stoppage, even as Santos lay stricken in the ring.

“The fact that I got so excited after the fight was [because] I trained for Cyborg only 10 days,” Bahadurzada said. “Before that, I [had] a couple of weeks in Afghanistan, and I got sick there. When I came back to Holland, I was using four kinds of antibiotics to get cured. I was pretty weak and [in] a very bad condition.”

The 24-year-old Bahadurzada (14-3-1) has won eight of his past nine bouts and advanced to the Sengoku grand prix semi-finals, along with Kazuhiro Nakamura, Jorge Santiago and Yuki Sasaki. The “Afghan Killa” wished Santos well and offered him a rematch once he recovers from his injury. Bahadurzada called his celebration nothing more than an emotional release.
9/29/08 8:43:40PM
knew a couple of u out there were upset w/ his antics after the fight.
thought it'd be worth calling news
9/29/08 9:24:52PM
Cyborg's arm brake looks awfully similar to Shoguns break against coleman. And also very similar to Zelg vs Kin in DREAM.
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