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7/13/08 4:42:29PM
Less than a week away from Affliction's debut show "Banned," Affliction Vice President Tom Atencio is unfazed by UFC president Dana White's recent verbal outburst.

In fact, he's committed to Affliction and UFC at some point working together to create unified champions in all the sport's weight classes.

7/13/08 4:49:38PM
LMAO is he serious
7/13/08 4:55:09PM
Does he know Dana?? I mean I don't and even I don't think Dana is going to "unifying" titles ever again. If anything some of the guys fighting for Affliction may be eventually signed to the UFC but Dana is pretty damn exclusive with his fighters ever since the Chuck Page fight. (first one)
7/13/08 5:19:01PM
let's hope this doesnt happen.
7/13/08 5:26:06PM
i strongly believe that atencio was high when he made these comments. no man in their normal state of mind would think that dana white would do co-promotions.
7/13/08 6:41:30PM
wow he must be out of his mind
7/13/08 7:21:12PM
Did any of you actually read what he said or are you just commenting based on the headline? Based on what Atencio said it doesn't seem at all like he thinks they are going to work together with the UFC in the near future or anything. He's basically only saying that the best thing for the sport would be that everyone worked together and we had undisputed champions. Which I would think is something most people could agree with.
7/13/08 7:59:18PM
The UFC will never ever work with Affliction..

mark my words..
7/13/08 8:58:10PM

Some one tell him it is not a politcal race

7/13/08 9:40:10PM
gary shaw has a better chance to work with dana than tom
ufc needs no one i stay just steal their fighters away, starting with fedor
7/14/08 9:33:13AM
I think this is smart... it makes him look like the better person and will make Dana look petty down the road...
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