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5/4/08 7:48:11AM
While Affliction’s first-ever mixed martial arts card on July 19 does not appear to be in peril, it looks like the event may require a new venue.

On Saturday afternoon, was informed by a source that a proposed deal between Affliction and HDNet appeared to have fallen through. As a result, Affliction was not able to finalize an agreement to book the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas for its first show.

5/4/08 8:15:08AM
Well, that sucks.
5/4/08 8:20:49AM

Move it to OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can only wonder how much they will charge for tickets.

I find it interesting ELITE XC has banned fighters from wearing Affliction clothing as well.The world of Mixed Martial Arts in its long running civial war.

Will the madness ever stop???
5/4/08 11:50:43AM
why am i not surprised, bring it to cali
5/4/08 12:18:26PM
Somewhere Dana White is smiling.
5/4/08 12:27:00PM
Iam not suprised by this. Seems that as soon as a new promotion starts up there is alway complications and something happens. Maybe Fedor is bad I hope they get something figured out, and they put on a good card.
5/4/08 1:43:25PM
Bring it to Boston. and yes Fedor IS bad luck
5/4/08 3:41:50PM

Posted by xposipx

Somewhere Dana White is smiling.

exactly my thoughts
5/4/08 7:16:29PM
Weird, never saw that coming. Hope they get it figured out.
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