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7/19/08 11:52:26AM
I know people are going to post the fights tonight when is the best time to check when they will be put in the MMA Videos section I have checked before after shows and they had already been deleted would it be good to check while the show is going on or wait till the show ends
7/19/08 12:49:27PM
there's no way of knowing. it's all about who posts the vids and when they get to it. W/ two events going on it is prob'ly less likely they will have time during, but I have no real knowledge. I doubt Affliction will be as quick about getting them removed as UFC is.
7/19/08 3:54:49PM
wat time is it on at
7/19/08 5:42:04PM

Posted by murphy_16

wat time is it on at


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