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5/10/09 2:52:16PM
On June 27, at an Ultimate Chaos event in Mississippi, Affliction Vice President Tom Atencio (1-0) will make his second appearance as a professional mixed-martial-arts fighter.

During a recent press conference for the event, Atencio seemed to hint he wanted to fight UFC President Dana White sometime in the future.

On Friday's edition of Radio (, Atencio left no doubts. He's ready to fight White, and he thinks it would be "huge" for both fight executives.

5/10/09 4:21:16PM
Would love to see Dana get popped in the face, then Chuck come out to say that he has to retire.
5/10/09 4:46:10PM
Dana won't do this.
He'll say they need to leave the real fighting up to real fighters and not make this celebrity boxing.

But wait,didn't he want to box Tito though?

"If he was willing to fight Tito, why wouldn't he be willing to fight me?" Atencio asked

I like Dana. But it would be hard for him,imo,to work around this one when you take the above statment into consideration.
White looks a lot bigger than Atencio though.
Somebodies cutting,or gaining weight.
This will never happen though.
Just a stunt to make Dana look bad.
5/10/09 5:02:27PM
Take a look at Dana White 4 years ago and look at him now. Thats a cycle of roids if I've ever seen it. Fat in the face, his shoulders increased in size by 300%....He was a tiny little Suit, now he's this hulk of a business man...LOL......and I'm sure with his schedule, that didn't come the old fashioned way, so yeah I think there's a bit of a sized discrepancy here......
5/10/09 5:32:03PM
This is stupid. Tom should focus on keeping his buisness.
5/10/09 5:47:23PM
Agreed. Dana's not even going to put this on his radar. Plus, if you watched the Dana vs Ortiz show, you would have seen how difficult it was for dana to fit training into his schedule. If Attencio has that kind of time on his hands, I would be a concerned investor in Affliction.
5/11/09 12:38:09AM
Dana wouldn't do this, he himself said that if he had fought Tito under MMA rules he would have gotten killed. I guarantee you though that if they had a boxing match Atencio would be knocked out cold in the 1st.
5/11/09 7:13:07AM
Awesome. That would be amazing.
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