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12/7/08 2:56:37AM
How can it get any worse for Affliction's Jan. 24 card? Many in the mixed martial arts world, including myself, thought it was a coup when Affliction forged a deal with boxing promoter Golden Boy. Oddly enough, Golden Boy CEO Richard Schafer and VP Eric Gomez have since refused to address in detail the company's ties to the MMA company beyond the apparel side of things.
Then came the news that one of Golden Boy's biggest names Shane Mosley would fight on the same night in a welterweight superfight against the hottest name in boxing, Antonio Margarito. At least Affliction could bank on a solid SoCal audience choosing to stay home and attend its MMA card at the Honda Center in Anaheim. Not so quick. Bob Arum just announced that boxing has dealt Affliction another crushing blow by putting the big boxing card just up the road at The Staples Center.,127263
12/7/08 3:16:21AM
all i have to say to that is...who are they? lol

seriously i dont know them and im glad i dont, boxing is dead imo
12/7/08 3:28:02AM
thats probably because you never watched boxing. but there are tons of people who watched boxing before mma came around and they didnt just stop liking it because mma started skyrocketing. millions of people will want to watch this fight and it really sucks because it seems everyone is just out to fuk affliction over. i dont get it. i can understand the ufc because they want a monopoly on this shit. i hope affliction just puts on a sick show and its just as good as the last one. cant wait. FEDOR WOO!!
12/7/08 3:32:37AM
margarito is the scariest boxer out there. anyone who wants to fight that kid is nuts.
12/7/08 3:39:23AM
I really dont think this will affect the Affliction ppv as much as people think. These are still two seperate sports we are talking about and fans of one are not usually that interested in the other. Affliction is putting together a great card and there are lots of people who want to see it.
12/7/08 4:00:37AM
iv never heard of them ether,
i love combat sports but boxing is just so limited im glad every one is starting to see that mma is just so much better
12/7/08 4:03:53AM
this can't be new news, they've known about this fight for a while now. anyways, mma has its own base of fans, and so does boxing.. dont really think this will do much
12/7/08 4:32:50AM
Margarito is a monster. This will effect the PPV buys for sure.
12/7/08 6:25:23AM
I think this might just be Afflictions Last Show
12/7/08 11:52:41AM
it's very odd for a fight fan to not know who Mosley and Margarito are. I'm pulling for Margarito in that fight.

BUt I'm obviously looking foward to Fedor vs Arvloski more. Cant wait.
12/7/08 12:13:10PM
They each have their own audiences, but there is also a lot of crossover. Anyone who thinks that the present pool of fans (esp that are overly interested in Affliction) that it can be spread as thin as we want just doesn't realize how hard it is to sell ppv's against a more established product.

I'll be watching Affliction, but i think this will hurt their overall numbers. Even if it doesn't, I dont' see Affliction doing more than the three shows.
12/7/08 12:36:54PM
I'll be watching Margarito vs Mosley on that night.
12/7/08 10:18:30PM

Posted by Jim_Dangle

I'll be watching Margarito vs Mosley on that night.

Then why are you here? j/k I know you don't have to say mma is the only sport you watch or anything to sign up. you should have to tho, again just kidding.
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