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5/20/08 5:42:10PM

Affliction has made official Aleksander Emelianenko will fight Paul Buentello at "Banned" and Affliction has signed Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.
5/20/08 7:10:00PM
i forgot there was a guy with a name that close, scared me for a second
5/20/08 7:23:11PM
Another good signing for the upstart Affliction brand. The only thing I'm hoping out of all of this is that there not blowing all this money to fold becuase the spent to much. Good card and I think I will be getting this PPV.
5/20/08 7:45:59PM
agreed - good card. Won't be around in 2009
5/20/08 7:55:34PM
It's great that they are signing all these great fighters, but will they have enough fighters to fill a card without going bankrupt.
5/20/08 8:31:52PM
they are buying alot of fighters with little money i hope they are a success
5/20/08 8:44:08PM
i hope it works becouse they seem to be traeting the fighters well but they are spending alot of money.and unless this ppv grosses even more money i odnt see how the next show can be anything they wont have the money to signe any new talent and all there talent may be hurt. they have imo enuff good fights on the card already save some for affliction 2.
5/20/08 10:12:00PM
this is either going to go down as a really gutsy and lucrative move, or a really stupid move that they shouldn't have made.

either way, i can't wait for the PPV
5/20/08 10:24:58PM
Great Addition. Lil Nog vs. Babalu at Affliction 2?
5/20/08 10:28:23PM

Posted by bigbubbano23

i forgot there was a guy with a name that close, scared me for a second

Yah brothers with pretty much the same name is confusing, especially when they fight in the same org.
5/21/08 12:16:06AM
Haven't seen Lil Nog fight in sooooo long.
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