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POLL: What are we expecting from affliction
Close fights 4% (1)
One sided fights with favorite fighters 44% (12)
A little of both 30% (8)
Don King making his MMA Debut? 0% (0)
I hate Don King 0% (0)
Who cares, Affliction is going to kick *** 22% (6)
6/18/08 3:50:47AM
Just was shocked to see the event all of us are excited about is full of underdogs. Looking at the picks, every fight has a fighter with over 80% of the picks except for one fight with 70%. My question is do we see these fights being more jsut to watch are favorite fighters beat on underdogs (sign of weak promotion usually) or do we really expect to see close and well matched fights?
6/18/08 5:05:33AM
I noticed how many underdogs were on that card too. I think in almost all of the fights there are guys who are expected to win, but that doesnt mean its not gonna be a good fight. Even Fedor vs. Sylvia has an underdog bonus and that is a couple of the top ranked heavyweights in the world fighting.

Or Emelianenko vs. Buentello, obviously most people think Aleks is gonna win but that doesn't mean that fight wont be a great slugfest.
6/18/08 6:07:21AM
with what happened at EXC, I Guarantee u that Monty Cox will have a pep talk with The refs, judges, doctors, fighters to put on a good, clean, fair show. His goal is too have higher rating than the TUF Finale that same night, and to have fans hooked for the next affliction Promo. I see this being even better than DREAM's attempt at their first event.

BTW i voted who cares
6/18/08 6:10:27AM

I noticed only 1 fight does not have a supreme underdog - Mark vs Savant.

all other fights have a fighter giving an underdog bonus. lol
6/18/08 10:21:01AM
The card isn't that lopsided. A little yeah but you have hardcore MMA fan favs like Fedor, Barnett, Aleks, Babalu, Lindland, Arlovski, Lil' Nog & Belfort that have made it this lopsided on the playground. Personally I think the playground odds are a little ridicules. I see maybe 1-2 fights that might warrant such heavy favs another 2-3 fights that might warrant the Savant v Hominick 70/30. The others closer than that.

6/18/08 11:17:51AM
most of these fights are closer then how they were picked...there is a lot of favoritism or nuthugging going on with some of the fighters I think....
6/18/08 11:32:09AM
I think they are one sided to an extent.... For example a lot of guys are going to pick Barnett over Rizzo, but the bout brews interest in the fact that it's a rematch of one of the best fights to ever grace the octagon...

In my opinion, an young, unestablished org has to put on an exciting show in it's inagural event... Especially an org with limited fighters... Putting on all the most compelling matchups in your first event would being kind of "blowing your wad" for lack of better terms...

If they end up with a bunch of monsters slugging it out, knocking eachother's heads off, they're going to grasp a much larger "casual" fanbase...
6/18/08 4:50:01PM
I see most of the fights as the "crowd" but i think they are going to be some great fights come out of this card. Buentello vs Aleks will be a stand up war...until he gets the better of Pauls chin. Barnett vs Rizzo will be a war. Tim vs Fedor i think will be fairly one sided.
6/18/08 5:13:24PM
I think all the fights are one sided in terms of name recognition, but some are alot closer in skill then people might think. One that jumps out at me is whitehead vs babalu. I think thats a really close fight.
6/18/08 6:18:15PM
only underdogs i think could win are whitehead, negao, lazama or rizzo... mostly one sided like the fedor / tim fight
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