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7/20/08 12:27:24PM
I want to thank Affliction for putting on the best non-ufc card ever(in the us). The under card was totally sick and was fought well. Babalu came back in style. Pedro RIzzo needs to make some serious life choices. Seeing Josh Barnett fight in his holme area was very nice too.....Ben rothwell proved that although he didnt win he at least represented the IFL as being a legitimate ex-league. I think I will take the fighters from that league a little more seriously now. And to see Arlovski fight in true warrior fashion was WAY overdue. And of course Fedor. I had almost forgotten why he was my favorite fighter. He moves about 30% faster than any fighter I have ever seen in any weight class. I mean he made 2-time UFC champ TIm Sylvia look like Hong Man Choi. Choi actually looked better! My picks for Affliction 2 are as follows.
Fedor vs. Randy
Barnett vs. Arlovski
Sylvia vs. Rothwell
lindland vs ? (who is unsigned?)

If they can't make the Fedor-Randy fight happen then Fedor should fight arlovski.........

BTW A. Silva didn't look all that bad last night. Imagine him living at 205 and fedor dropping a weight class! That would be the superfight of all time!!
7/20/08 12:50:59PM
Other Notes:
The production values for a first time show were OK. OK in that situation is very encouraging. One thing that needs to change is when the Fighters make their walk we need to hear the crowd. As they were walking in all you could hear was their music(at a very low level) THis really takes away from the overall excitement of the fight..........I produce live events for a living so I notice these little things. One thing I did like was that they had a mic on the ref which UFC really needs to do so people stop being confused about points and early stoppages.
I loved the crew! Frank Trigg is always fun to listen to and Jay Glazer had an admirable debut. And big John McCarthy was incredibly smooth as a color man and an interviewer! I expected jitters out of him but he did a fine job. There was some trouble with his mic but that happens to the best of us.
I liked that they didn't go too overboard with flashy graphics and backstories. They could stant to brighten up the show a bit and maybe get some a couple of more camera angles.......
This all being said UFC has some of the worst production values in all of sports. You can barely hear the ref . They are always having audio problems and Joe Rogan should not be the analyst. He should be the color guy or really not say much of anything at all.
7/20/08 1:00:20PM
i dont think the randy fight will happen in time for affliction 2 and id rather see barnett/fedor than arlovski/fedor. either one of them will be in for a hurtin though...
7/20/08 1:06:51PM
It's a total toss up on that one. I would be happy with either fight and of course pick Fedor.......
7/20/08 3:33:16PM
I just want to add that Andrei looked Amazing in his Fight, Good Combo's and Strikes like the Head Kick and Flying Knee. He really could have Finished him in the 2nd Round but Ben's a tough guy.

And to all the people who had any doubts with Fedor, pwned. He's the Best Fighter in the World and just proved it
7/20/08 4:49:12PM
I had forgotten why Fedor is the baddest man on the planet. Over the last three years all I have been watching is old pride shows on FSN or the Web. To see his brand of destruction happening live is just amazing. Tim Sylvia is Definitely a falling star but I was happy to see that Fedor did not take it down even half a notch. Does anyone think he can fight at lhw? Because that's the only weight class where I can think of someone who may trouble him. Randy does not match up well with Fedor, roman-greco clinching and dirty boxing would play right into fedor's game.............................
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