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9/22/08 8:10:22PM
OK I am not sure if it was just me but yesterday while flipping through the channels I caught the end of one of the Affliction fights on TV.. I caught the last 30 seconds it was done with It looked like Frank Trigg and someone else the way the Pride fights could be seen on TV. If anyone can confirm this I would be grateful.. I do not know if they played more then just the Arovloski fight...
9/22/08 10:48:43PM
Yep, it was an hour long. I think it was FSN in my area. They showed pretty much everything you'd expect except Fedor-Sylvia.

I appreciated seeing the Rizzo-Barnett fight. Plus I think I remember seeing Little Nog vs Dewees.
9/22/08 11:14:02PM
Yea, it was on FSN. They did it just like they have been with their Pride shows. Show the fight, then Frank Trigg and that other guy break down what happened
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