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5/27/08 12:32:41AM
Sam Caplan has a piece up at CBS taking umbrage with those focusing on the financial follies of Affliction:

However, in spite of the abundance of talent this show stands to offer, there are still some Internet curmudgeons who have taken issue with Affliction and the amount of money they intend to spend on the card, which has been reported to be anywhere between $4 million to $6 million.

Which begs the question: Who cares?

Because, after all, it's not our money. If Affliction has it and wants to spend it generously, where's the downside? If someone wants to toss around millions of dollars for the benefit of the MMA fan, I'm all for it.

5/27/08 8:09:38AM
totally agree
5/27/08 9:41:23AM
ppl are afraid with that type of cash bein put into it that it could be stiff competition to the UFC. but I dont see them bein able to keep that up. Plus they're puttin all available good talent in the one card, so there wont be anything left for the next.

least they'll get more name recoginition for their clothes.
5/27/08 10:06:53AM
Who buys $100 t-shirts anyways???
5/27/08 10:59:34AM
Lots of people thats why they can afford up too $6,000,000 for their first event but serious Affliction 2s gonna suck
5/27/08 1:35:11PM
UFC supposedly has $350 million in debt to get where they are today. New promotions come in and don't spend a tenth of that and fail, yet people wonder why they fail. It takes money to make money.
5/27/08 1:43:09PM
People who hate on good shows because they don't like what fighters are being paid are ridiculous. If Afflicition pays well and is able to promote even more of their merchandise, then it will be a wash. They should be able to get at least 3 million from the gate alone. They are using a large facility to do the show and I would guess that it will be sold out. I for one am buying the PPV because if you haven't noticed, the card is stellar. Each and every one of those fighters could be changed and interchanged to fight each other for good shows in the HW division. I'm also guessing htat Arlovski, Tito, and others will soon be in Affliction promoted events since they do not have exclusivity contracts.

I'm an MMA fan NOT a UFC fan. I watch UFC ppv when I see good cards and fighters on. I'm a not a nut hugging brand wearing card carrying member of the Dana White fan club. He is a part of MMA he is NOT MMA.
5/27/08 2:19:07PM
Well Affliction is way over paying the fighters which in the long run not only hurts them but other company's as well. Once a fighter makes a set amount of money they will expect it every time. Once other fighters see how much they made they will also expect the same. Now lets say they are able to stay around for a sec does anyone think they can keep affording to put on shows like this one and how many times a year do you really think they will be putting on shows. I think in the big picture they maybe just hurting MMA but who knows maybe they have a hidden plan we don't know about.

Lets take a look at their show.

Renato Sobral vs Mike Whitehead
Sobral is well known because of his fights with Chuck but other than that he really isn't a big draw. Mike Whitehead is known from TUF but looked bad on the show so most fans wont even remember him.

Matt Lindland vs Fabio Negao
Most US fans don't even know who these 2 guys are more less care to see them fight.

Josh Barnett vs Pedro Rizzo
Same problem your avg US fans has no clue who these guys are other than maybe seeing them on greatest knock outs show.

Ben Rothwell vs TBD
even if its AA its not going to matter same problem as lot of the rest people don't know who Rothwell is.

Fedor Emelianenko vs Tim Sylvia
Now in the US people know who Tim is but he isn't liked at all by most fans and he is fighting a guy no one knows in the US.

Now I want make clear this looks like a really good card to me but your avg US fan only knows the UFC. So unless they are HEAVILY marketing this show in the US and over in other markets I just don't see them doing well at all. To make up for the amount of money they are spending it has to be on PPV but does anyone think anyone other than hardcore fans will order it.

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