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7/30/08 1:21:04AM
Veteran fighter Justin Levens, who was scheduled to fight Ray Lazama in an "Affliction: Banned" bout that was ultimately scrapped due to time constraints, tested positive for oxymorphone in a drug test administered at the July 19 event.

California State Athletic Commission Assistant Executive Officer Bill Douglas confirmed the news with ( via email.

The news comes just hours after the Nevada State Athletic Commission confirmed that UFC Fight Night 14 headliner James Irvin had tested positive for the same painkiller.

According to Douglas, Levens registered a test level that was finalized at 10,141 ng/mL. The CSAC's cutoff for oxymorphone is 120 ng/mL.

7/30/08 2:05:49AM
What is this stuff for? A painkiller would only hinder you. Just ask James Irvin.
7/30/08 4:27:37AM
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