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6/19/08 9:31:11PM

“As far as I’m concerned, people are going to Tivo (the UFC show) and watch our fight, and then go back to (watch UFC) later,” he said. “Obviously you’re going to get those people who are going to watch something for free (rather) than pay. … But our card is definitely stacked. I don’t know anybody that can say it’s not a great card.”

that’s a valid strategy as it relates to hardcore fans. We’ll see whether it will work on those people we always hear about who only know the UFC.

Atencio is right when he says the card is stacked, though it’s stacked largely with fighters who appeal to that hardcore fan base and much less so to the casual fan, who may or may not have heard the name Fedor at any time in his life. Their success with this show — particularly with the UFC going up against them on Spike TV — could tell us a lot about the actual interest level in MMA as a sport, rather than simply the UFC as a brand.

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6/19/08 11:03:30PM
Ya know thats exactly what i would do Tivo UFN and watch affliction then we could watch MMA for like 3 hours get drunk and fight in the back yard again!!!! W00T
6/19/08 11:35:29PM
The plan was laid out once I heard UFC was doin a show too unless it was here in denver then Id go and pay to Tivo the Affliction card
6/20/08 12:27:20AM
It's like they read my mind and knew exactly what i was going to do haha. but sometimes doesnt ufc and spike replay the event they had right after the live one or like an hour after it. DVR is good.

because they are doing it on saturday with the TUF 7 finale cus that's the only way i can watch it with work.
6/20/08 1:18:24AM
I genuinely beleive that the UFC's card ill be a lot better to watch and am just gonna watch that live.

Affliction's card, although stacked, is full of heavily one-sided fights with pretty obvious results imo.......(i'll check out the highlights on youtube,etc)
6/20/08 1:49:15AM
Honestly, Affliction shouldn't expect to be able to compete with UFC on it's first PPV. If they use an aggressive marketing strategy, after a few PPV's they should gain some decent momentum, but it's insane if they think they can compete currently.
I wish the best of luck to this new brand, because I honestly believe competition will only benefit the sport.
6/20/08 10:15:31AM
Does anyone know how much this PPV is going to cost?
6/20/08 10:16:49AM
6/20/08 1:55:16PM
really I was hoping 24.99 or 34.99 some where in between
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