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7/19/08 10:12:52AM
7/19/08 10:14:33AM
Once again sir you come through where sherdog lets me down!
Haha did anyone hear someone in the crowd shout "Rothwell sucks!!"
7/19/08 11:40:03AM
cool find. but it pisses me off that buffer is announcing these fighters yet i guarantee he has never even heared of them nor watched watched them.notice how he said pretty much everyones name wrong "Vitor Belfrot!!" that lucky prick
7/19/08 11:57:05AM
I believe he also said Fedors last name worng anyway Im ready to watch Tim WAMMA Fedor
7/19/08 12:57:41PM
If you were a casual fan, looking at the Arlovski - Rothwell fight, you would think that was a mismatch.

Rothwell is in pathetic shape for a professional fighter. Looking like that makes the mma haters that much more right in their minds. He does look like he has never trained in his life.

I hope Arlovski smashes his face in for it.
7/19/08 1:55:41PM
He just loves food
7/19/08 2:25:00PM
Thanks for the links:

Funny listening to the cross talk when they realized there was a problem the the Aleks fight.

That chick said something like, "Aleks and that other guy"
7/19/08 4:03:36PM

"Fedor Eme..." *pauses for half a second to look at card "(inaudible..) enko??????!?!?!!" (thinking WTF?!?!?! to himself)
7/19/08 4:27:00PM
Haha, it sounds like he called belfort vitor bellfrog or something

Lindland has got a really weird body. You can kinda tell he stinks just by looking at him! I think these weigh ins where the first time ive ever seen babalu smile to.
7/19/08 4:44:55PM
yeh haha i was there, and the shit the people yelled was hilarious. i might have been the only one that cheered on tim sylvia when he came out. also, buffer had to be doped up or drunk or something because he mispronounced every name.

listen to what some people say when trump comes out, video from my phone
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