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5/21/08 10:22:52AM
Affliction: Banned

O.K. I was wondering if all the hardcore fans and Mods that know anything about Affliction could just shair there knowledge here

Like ...

Is Randy Couture behind the scenes
How does this relate to the clothing company
Or any other usefull info you might have heard or dug up

I know I can't be the only one with a ton of questions about this new and exciting organization
5/21/08 10:25:16AM
On clothing, the relation is that essentially they're the same people. They're just starting their own MMA promotion.
5/21/08 11:05:48AM
This is from Wikipedia

Adrenaline MMA (formerly known as M-1 Global[1]) is a Mixed Martial Arts organization that was created in October 2007[2] as a result of M-1 Mixfight being purchased by Sibling Sports, LLC. Monte Cox was announced as the inagural president in 2007.

The promotion co-produced it's first event, Yarennoka, a New Years Eve event co-produced with K-1. PRIDE heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko appeared on the card, fighting K-1 kickboxer Hong-Man Choi, submitting him via armbar in the first round.

M-1's future come under question as the organization's star fighter, Fedor Emelianenko, "divorced" himself from the organization and is once again a free agent able to sign with another promotion [3]. It was shortly after this point that M-1 Global re-organized it's Western branch into Adrenaline MMA and separated itself from it's Russian counterpart, M-1 Mixfight. However, Emelianenko is still willing to work with Adrenaline MMA in future events, as evidenced by their next event.

The Adrenaline's second fight card will be a co-promotion with Affliction Clothing scheduled for July 19, 2008. The namedAffliction Banned it will be headlined by a super fight between Fedor Emelianenko and Tim Sylvia.[4] Confirmed to be fighting on the card is PRIDE Heavyweight contender, Josh Barnett against Pedro Rizzo, International Fight League Heavyweight standout Ben Rothwell is rumored to be fighting on the card against former UFC Heavyweight champion and long time rival of Tim Sylvia, Andrei Arlovski.

So It's basically that Monty Cox bought Adreniline MMA and the rest is history or is going to be history
5/21/08 2:37:49PM
From my understanding Affliction is providing the money thus get their name on the card but they are not quite creating their own venue. pretty much it is just another Co-promotion trying to keep M-1 alive. a lot of the fighters signed a 1 fight contract to get a fight on this card so any future events with Affliction seem shaky at best.
5/21/08 5:41:04PM
So does Randy have anything to do with Affliction??

or was he just the first one that I saw with their shirts on??

Who the hell pays $100 for some trendy shirts anyhow??
5/21/08 6:50:11PM

Posted by Kracker_Jap

So does Randy have anything to do with Affliction??

or was he just the first one that I saw with their shirts on??

Who the hell pays $100 for some trendy shirts anyhow??

He's sponsored by them.
5/21/08 7:40:13PM
My guess is that Randy knew about Affliction as a fight organization before a lot of people. Probably before 99% of people who would find out early. Thats why he is in such a hot spot with the UFC to get out of his contact, so he can fight under the Affliction brand name. Randy knew that they were about to spend some huge money and he wanted in ............. Just me trying to put 2 and 2 together
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