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4/28/08 7:38:53PM
I saw this on another website and thought it was funny. The name that Affliction is calling there first event. Sounds like they are taking a shot at the UFC.

Affliction: Banned
4/28/08 9:34:49PM
wow id say its a direct shot at the ufc. score one for afliction lol
4/29/08 8:45:57PM
i have to say so far they look like their the next major player in the mma world.
4/29/08 8:57:17PM
WOW!!!!! i love it. i think these guys have the money and the talent(big names) to actually make a decent competitor for the UFC. Along with EXC who already has a Netwrok TV deal, the UFC needs to make a splash to stay on top for a lot longer. I'm not saying that tomorrow they will overtake the UFC in sales or Caliber of fighters(in all divisions) but the UFC cant sit back thinking ther're the shit either.
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