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1/9/09 9:33:36PM
so lets see a show of hands, who's going to affliction II? I'll be buying my tickets this week, somewhere probably in the nosebleeds. if anyone is from the southern california area, i'm down to carpool there. i'm from redondo beach

last time i went to the weigh ins and got some cool pics and videos, going to try and do it again!
1/9/09 10:05:03PM
If I lived anywhere near there I would be in the stands for sure.
1/9/09 10:17:03PM
You might be getting better seats then you thought. I saw a rumor that they have only sold 1500 or so tickets. hell wait out front you might get some for free!
1/9/09 10:31:10PM
and at the very least a discount price right before the show starts.

If your going for nosebleeds anyway just wait it out. Its not like your going to lose those seats lol.
1/9/09 10:45:21PM
thanks for the advice fellers, i shall heed it. ill wait till the 24th to buy the tickets
1/9/09 10:46:32PM
I'm down to carpool, I-5 runs right up here to Washington.

Swoop me up and we'll head back down.
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