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9/14/08 4:00:15PM
Roy Englebrecht, Affliction’s Promoter of Record for the Affliction Banned and Day Of Reckoning PPV cards, spoke exclusively with about the joining of forces between Affliction and Golden Boy:

“I am the only person in this new partnership that has worked for both entities, as the COO for Golden Boy Promotions for its first three years, and as the licensed promoter for Affliction Entertainment and their inaugural MMA show Affliction Banned show.

The Affliction Entertainment bar has been set pretty high after Affliction Banned….a sellout of 13,850 fans and a 2.1 million dollar gate. I feel very privileged to have worked with some great people in Todd Beard, Tom Atencio, Rick Kulis, Michael Cohen, Eric Foss and Clif Chason in making this first show happen. What was done by a small number of people (7), in a small amount of time (60 days), with the awesome results achieved, may never happen again!

No one captain’s a ship better than Richard Schaefer at Golden Boy Promotions, so I am confident that this partnership will come out of the gate strong and be innovative in what they will do with this new combative sports concept.

It would be my pleasure to continue to have a relationship with them.”

9/14/08 10:46:12PM
I'm all for this because in the end, Affliction will fold and the new fans it attracted to mma will be looking for a home. Obviously it will be the UFC.
9/15/08 7:19:47AM
agreed, but man, are they ever going to look silly after it's all said and done. not to mention this clown who is still clinging on that 'sell out crowd' and huge gate money that came in (which even if a reality, wouldn't even pay for much of the fighter's salaries). boxing promoters and mma promotions haven't coexisted for a reason and they will soon find out exactly why, boxing is a joke and mma is exciting, plain and simple, but thanks for paying to bring the ufc more fans, idiots.
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