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1/21/09 2:59:57PM
1/21/09 3:36:08PM
so im watching this and the video cuts out and they start showing a slideshow of fighters they sponsor and suddenly i see ryan braun in an affliction shirt with a bat over his shoulders. i live in milwaukee and follow the brewers religiously, and have never seen or heard anything about braun being on their dime. just thought it strange to see a baseball player on there, especially one of my favs.
1/21/09 3:40:11PM
If the video didn't come back, just refresh.
1/21/09 5:20:06PM
what a bunch of horse sh*t. i was there at 12pm at the hotel and tried lookin for this thing, asked the hotel staff, went into the room they were supposedly holding it and NADA!

im so angry right now
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